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Head Chef Indra

From an early age, Indra’s aspirations revolved around becoming a head chef in a distinguished restaurant. His vision materialised as he embarked on his inaugural culinary internship at Saint Pierre, led by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant. This formative experience not only imparted him with fundamental culinary skills but also fuelled his determination to ascend the culinary echelons.

Indra’s quest for excellence steered him to the iconic DB Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands in 2012, where he imbibed Chef Daniel Boulud’s culinary wisdom. The following year, his insatiable hunger for knowledge led him to the culinary mecca of France. Venturing to Vienne, he apprenticed with Chef Patrick Henriroux at the two Michelin-starred La Pyramide, immersing himself in the intricacies of haute cuisine and embracing its challenges.

His globetrotting journey then whisked him to Dubai, where he refined his skills at Zengo under the mentorship of Singaporean Chef Akmal Anuar, broadening his culinary horizons with international influences. Yet, despite his global escapades, Indra’s heart remained tethered to Singapore, prompting his return to embrace his roots. He returned to Singapore to start Burgs by Project Warung with two other chefs, bringing gourmet burgers to the Halal-Muslim market.

Recently, a pivotal epiphany transformed Indra’s trajectory. He recognised that his cumulative experiences were priming him for a new endeavour—entrepreneurship. Fuelled by a desire to bridge a gap in the halal market, he conceived Oud Restaurant. A harmonious amalgamation of his culinary finesse and cultural heritage, the restaurant offered an innovative menu and inviting ambiance.

Chef Owner Indra’s narrative epitomises the synergy of determination, dedication, and audacity to embrace risk. From a fledgling culinary aspirant to the captain of Oud Restaurant, his journey encapsulated the essence of a culinary virtuoso and an entrepreneur. He continues to push the boundaries of his craft, leaving an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape while savouring the thrill of sharing his culinary art with the world.

Head Chef Ridz

Yet, his culinary odyssey didn’t conclude there. In an endeavor to create a distinctive narrative, Chef Ridz embarked on a venture that allowed him to showcase his passion. Thus, Burgs by Project Warung emerged, a culinary phenomenon that has grown to span seven outlets today. This journey is a testament to his vision, underscoring his prowess in redefining the culinary experience.

Outside the culinary arena, Chef Ridz’s pursuits are just as intriguing. An avid collector of perfumes, his discerning nose is attuned to the nuances of scents, much like his palate is attuned to flavours. This harmony between scent and taste finds its echo in the restaurant’s name, an encapsulation of his multifaceted identity.

Rooted in his early days, Chef Ridz’s adoration for cooking flourished, woven into the fabric of his being. However, it’s his profound connection with perfumes that has given rise to the captivating narrative of Oud, his newest culinary exploration. The very essence of OUD—a term that encapsulates the aromatic allure of perfumes—is harmoniously married with his culinary vision. And it’s through wood fire cooking that he orchestrates this symphony of senses, a tribute to his love for both fragrance and gastronomy.

As Chef Ridz crafts his culinary opuses, each dish becomes a canvas where flavours intertwine with fragrances, a masterful blend that resonates with every diner. With each plate he presents, he not only offers nourishment but a multisensory experience—a journey that’s as much about taste as it is about emotion. His culinary creations are a reflection of his soul, a testament to his passion for flavour and fragrance, a celebration of artistry that transcends the ordinary.

OUD_Chef Khai

Chef Khairul

Chef Khairul began his culinary career at Les Amis Restaurant, a prestigious 2 Michelin star establishment. Here, he honed his culinary skills and gained valuable experience. Subsequently, the same Les Amis Restaurant earned their 3 Michelin stars. This is a testament to his talent and dedication, as working at a 3 Michelin star restaurant is a significant achievement in the culinary world.

In the later part of his culinary career, Chef Khairul joined Elfuego Restaurant. In this role, he had several responsibilities, including conducting research and development for the restaurant’s recipes and menus. His involvement in menu development demonstrates his creative culinary skills.

Eventually, Chef Khairul’s journey led him to craft his culinary skills at Le Jardin Restaurant, where he played a crucial role as part of the opening team. In this role, he assisted the head chef in various aspects, including planning equipment, workflow, menu planning, and recipe development. Being part of the opening team showcases his leadership and organizational abilities.

Chef Khairul’s career progression underscores his commitment to excellence and continuous growth in the culinary field. His experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as his roles in opening and managing various establishments, highlight his versatility and expertise as a chef. Chef Khairul’s culinary journey is undoubtedly an inspiring example of a chef’s dedication and success in the industry.

OUD_Chef Amin

Chef Amin

During this time, he had the opportunity to rotate through various kitchen departments, including Prego Italian restaurant. He received guidance from experienced chefs like Executive Sous Chef David Toh and Executive Head Chef Otto Weibel.

A significant portion of Chef Amin‘s career was spent with the Les Amis Group where he began as a trainee at Les Amis Restaurant and later worked at Bistro Du Vin. His dedication and talent led to his promotion to Chef De Partie in 2015, indicating his growth within the organization. Chef Amin joined the Park Hotel Group and was part of the opening team for Porta Sg. In this role, he worked together with Chef Micheal Suyanto to develop food concepts and revamped menus for the entire hotel’s establishments.

Prior to his current position at Oud Restaurant, Chef Amin worked as a brand manager for Burgs by Project Warung. In this role, he was responsible for managing the opening of various outlets across the country, showcasing his managerial and culinary skills.

Chef Amin‘s journey demonstrates his commitment to the culinary world and his ability to thrive in various culinary environments, from high-end restaurants to hotel kitchens and casual dining establishments. His experiences with renowned chefs and involvement in menu development and restaurant openings highlight his versatility and expertise in the culinary field.